Fast track cleaning is an additional cost-saving method connected to cash collection. It is beneficial to the shipping lines because when a container requiring only cleaning passes through fast track, only cleaning, it is declared serviceable and ready for export. This service also helps shipping lines or agents minimize the rejection of boxes upon use

Our workshops operate round the clock to avoid repair delays, and we provide container inspections 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All inspections are carried out by certified inspectors, the Institute of International Container Lessors (I.I.C.L.) Repair and inspection standards meet IICL 5, UNICON and SEACO cargo-worthy requirements, or those specified by the shipping lines. All repair materials meet industry standards; Corten Steel for body parts, wood treated to meet Australian T.C.T. requirements, and so on. Our clients include all the major shipping lines, as well as companies in the fields of power generation and oil refineries. We have also supplied reefer parts to the U.S. and Canadian military amongst others

Washing, repair and maintenance, storage, transfer and redeem the containers to and from the port, whether dry or Freeze

Repair and maintenance of equipment containers handled in accordance with the maintenance schedules

Repair faults resulting from operating

Examination of containers and the work of the technical reports for the shipping lines

The authority to issue certificates for containers that are fixed

Container repair in accordance with the standard specifications of the International Institute for Container Lessors Rental of containers

Sale and purchase of container

Container manufacturing

Auctions work containers and equipment, whether light or heavy equipment

Container transportation to and from the container yard