Who we are: What we do

GM’s Message

We’re known for the strength of our technical and trade capabilities, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our experienced and fully-trained staff manage and operate our depots to the highest level, to meet the many needs of our clients.

BYP provides management and operations, training, advisory and other services to ports and related organizations throughout the world. BYP prides itself on being an independent, privately owned port operator, which provides best in class service to all its customer segments.

BYP has 3 main activities:

Management & Operations
Building Systems
Training & Advisory

BYP, the port operator, can provide hands-on support. BYP can do the job – on the ground. The Company offers every form of assistance, from investigative assessment, to taking full control, from offering training to undertaking large scale, comprehensive operations and management.

We are currently in discussions with several other Port Authorities all of whom have come to BYP precisely because of this well-deserved reputation for achieving good performance and working co-operatively with Port Authorities for long term solutions and mutual benefit.